Hotels and B & Bs on Lake Constance cycle path

Bodensee-Radweg Unterkünfte zu finden ist nicht einfach

We found a hotel


Accommodations on the Lake Constance cycle tour

Anyone with a bike on a  cycle route stage  is on the way, has to be done before the trip a lot of planning work.If the entire trip but booked a vacation package at an event, of course, one need only about the weather to worry about or what sights to be looked at. This article gives some suggestions on what to watch, when you want to take in hand the reins himself.


Finding the right hotel or pension

It's a good question, what is the right accommodation. Hotel, Pension, Hostel? One answer is clear: it depends on what comfort and what characteristics should the property have.

Whether hotel, bed and breakfast (B & B) or Pension: when driving with bike trailer and panniers is still so nice pension in Friedrichshafen city not just fit, if there is storage space for your bikes only on the sidewalk in front of the board, because it simply is no parking at the Inn. Sleep is certainly not as quiet as otherwise be. Or when the catering facilities are so scarce that the Lake Constance cycle tour with a hungry stomach has to start. Or ... we look at the points in detail. 


Bicycle storage

The range of two-wheelers, who are traveling in the summer on the cycle route is broad: besides modern carbon racers to robust steel frame constructions found in the broad field of mountain bikes, road bikes, trekking bikes, Dutch bikes and what it à.vélo variants everything else is , Each cyclist arrive at his property anywhere on the cycle route the same problem, where should I park?


eine gute Bodensee-Radweg Unterkunft gefunden!

Bicycle parking in the garage


The par excellence version is a separate garage or a separate storage room, which is used only for the beloved two-wheelers and is accessible only to their owners. On our travels we decide almost exclusively still on the way of being in the evening when our day's stage ended and to the search for a property start.

The question at the front desk of a hotel whether double or triple room are available and what the night costs, follows question number three: where we can park our bikes the best protection? Often this question poses little wrinkles on the forehead, but just as quickly smooth again and the pragmatic answer is usually:


  • the pint is still room 
  • in the garage you can make the wheels at the end of the car 
  • which you can ask in the basement, but need a few stairs going down. 


Everything perfect solutions. Of course, nights are outdoors for your bike just fine, as long as the bike can be connected like a faithful horse somewhere. Optimal course is a completed surface, ideally with a fence and lock. A canopy is of course the icing on top.



Breakfast and meals

It is for a cyclist who wants to do 250 kilometers circumnavigation of Lake Constance on the cycle route, an important aspect of what it then for breakfast in order to address well-fueled power the next day's stage can.Depending on the section of the cycle route requires very good stamina and strength to hilly sections.

In some inns can therefore have the misfortune worst get no breakfast, if you do not advance look at the basic service for a stay, that's ever happened to us.

In some hotels, it is common that no lunch or dinner cuisine. This is especially in modern and newly built hotels is the case, for example, offers Ibis hotel in Konstanz  Although breakfast but beyond just a snack bar for a quick bite on. Since the hotel is located in the city area, there are in the immediate vicinity a myriad of restaurants. As a tourist you would indeed enjoy variety and a restaurant often remains the second choice. In addition, one is a cyclist day indeed on slopes.

Pensions usually offer breakfast options, but in rare cases, lunch or evening meals on. Classical performances are bed and breakfast, such as the board - Landhotel Bodensee in Wallhausen.


Rations for the Lake Constance cycle tour

A good breakfast if cereal , bread, eggs, and what else do all the morning stomach is sensitive, provides the best basis for a good start to the cycle route. Who has his Bodensee circumnavigation but himself planned, will also deal with the same subject the following day, the rations go. Finally, not everyone at 12 sharp goes Lunch in a restaurant, order a spaghetti bolognese to eat or the like. Usually in the morning once pedaled diligently noon eaten something light and in the evening there will be the reward package.


Einkaufen im Supermarkt oder Lunch-Paket?

Packed lunch or grocery store


Three variants for lunch

  • There are, after breakfast, the stuff packed and the next step is a visit to a supermarket or bakery for lunch meals
  • It is identified and then bought the lunch menu at lunchtime a supermarket or bakery. Risk: when you are at lunch in a sparsely populated surroundings and unfamiliar there, of searching starts after loading. Too bad when the stores are closed for lunch.
  • It may in the guest house or hotel a " lunch box are purchased and taken" for the journey. This may cost a few euros more than the supermarket, but the staff and the ingredients must but once get beforehand and get ready. For this convenience, you can also pay a little more, that's absolutely fine.


The ideal room

The day started sunny at, at noon attracts the sky and then to the first and more drops falling steadily from above until the last spot on the body is wet. That's no problem, because in the evening you're on dry land in its property. And the wet Radklamotten?

We have met on our bike rides rooms which were of a non-human friendly caging comparable. A shower that allows air a margin of a few centimeters and demand from acrobatic feats on physical hygiene work, are real scenarios. If there will be no window for ventilation and only one of the inventors of time the electric motorbefindlicher fan in selbigem room is one who believes with rattling noises, to expel the moisture, it is tremendously bad for drying whichever wet garments.

A sufficiently large shower with a  pull-out washing line is the holy grail for a cyclist. Also, the margins of an additional line (which always takes place in hand luggage) is possible if the room or the bathroom area offers enough space. This is usually also the only drying variant because in the summer is actually not a hotel has the heating is activated and can serve the radiator as an additional dry surface. 

Besides the drying of wet bike clothes that have become this also applies to the typical cleaning or quick wash the bike clothes after a cycling day. With fresh Raddress the next day of the cycle route is just more fun.


Breakdown of the bicycle

It should not happen, but plan and can make provisions be 100% is not: A flat tire or a rattling circuit or aroller in front . In a multi-day cycling tour, as the cycle route which simply requires you are surprises that can detract from the joy on the tour, never immune.


Reifenpanne auf dem Bodensee-Radweg

happens all the time - little glitch on the go


So that it can quickly go to the daily program further, the breakdown or the damage must be remedied quickly logically. Asking the expectation of the hotel or guesthouse to obtain margins on the bicycle as a service service fixed, is more illusory and should be less considered, even if the question does not cost anything and the hotel owner is perhaps itself avid cyclist and a good mechanic. This windfall should not plan with more. It is more important, therefore, to see if there is a bicycle shop nearby and how to get back there.

We had in the past decade now and then the bad luck with flat feet (we can mend itself) and  dragging brakes(to a certain degree itself adjustable). But with broken spokes then nothing works and one has to rely on outside help. On this year's mountain bike tour in 2015 the Allgäu we had such an emergency and the good fortune that we the owners of our hotel, the "Sunnawirt" in Heiterwang am See has moved, with his van to the nearby village to Radgeschäft. This friendliness and helpfulness can not be expected, which should be clear, we are him and will be grateful forever to him. 


Addresses for cycle route Accommodation

There are many ways to find cycle route accommodation. The easiest way, as already said, is to book through a travel agent a complete or all-inclusive package. Then you have to worry about anything else. Each hotel or inn, which is located on the cycle route to call and ask if another room is available, is not to be underestimated work.

But who wants to take the reins into their own hands and goes looking for a room, you can tell when the big sellers on the Internet itself, or be able to find on their platform with local suppliers in the region. These include (excerpts):



and locally:


The WANDERRAD.DE- Hotel & pension Ratings List

WANDERRAD.DE plans as further project a selection of cycle route accommodation to our list of criteria to select and assess from the perspective of cyclists. Our criteria is based solely on the needs of cyclists who are traveling by bike and luggage and looking for a bicycle-friendly accommodation.

Leaky faucets (which can certainly be nervous, but suppressible ...) or wrinkles in the room carpet is certainly not our focus, we focus on the really important points of a bicycle traveler. 

WANDERRAD.DE has therefore created criteria in the form of a checklist that is used as a benchmark for selected accommodation review. As an independent website we would like to offer recommendations for the season 2016 are available.

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