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The Lake Constance cycle path app: Represents the next cycling holiday of the cycle route on the wish list, can begin the journey planning. As for the weather, can not do much there, but there are many useful tools that are available in a route and trip planning.

Especially the topic "Assistance Systems" is at the forefront when it comes to "his" bike path around the lake not to lose sight of. Mobile phones offer the ideal scene ready to be the wishes of the rider more and more as a service provider.


großes Bild der Bodensee Radtouren App

The Lake Constance cycle path app offers some helpers


Download the Lake Constance Cycle Path app from the Google Play Store

The app can be downloaded from the Google Play store (C) down and used to a Google Account is merely necessary. Search the app best with the keywords "Constance Bike Route". Go here to the website of the Play Store .


Bodensee-Radweg App im Google Play Store


The app for cyclists at Lake Constance in the Google Play store (C)


The Lake Constance cycle path app Overview

Those who enjoy cycling and often several days on the road was (what at the outlining of Lake Constance on the cycle route usually the case), able to report from his travel experiences:


  • Maps: The map data for the Bodensee finds its place on the handlebar bag and to point the way.That helps but not always: when it is no longer clear where you are exactly driving the search for one's own position quickly beads of sweat on his forehead. 
  • Riders lose: The bottom bracket suddenly begins to crack. The tour is interrupted in order to look for the cause. After briefly pondering striking that the other passengers are already moved on and the loud cry was forgotten for stopping.
  • Distances: How far is it to Constance or Lindau? So beautiful Lake Constance is, after a few hours in the saddle, the question arises, how far is it to drive yet. With little effort you want to know the distance to the nearest accommodation like quickly.


The list can be continued endlessly, and is of course not only applicable to the Lake Constance Cycle Path. Be it the desire for a great and affordable accommodation or alternative routes on the cycle route or the best restaurants right on the shores of Lake Constance: there are many functions that can be integrated in a smartphone.

The cycle route app in its first version already contains some features. By 2016, further extensions are planned.



Functions of the Lake Constance cycle path app


Tip: if you want to try features of the app, but do not live on Lake Constance, you can, for example, with the app " Fake Location Spoofer free simulate the lake" of Megapps Ventures Inc. any place nearby.


The core functions of the Lake Constance cycle path app support the scenarios described above and ask you a few options available:


Das Hauptmenü der Bodensee-Radweg App

Signposts and navigation assistant

Start Tour: On the Lake Constance cycle stages oder Bodensee-Radweg Etappen you are guided with the Lake Constance Cycle Path app, whenever you want. You can check if you are on the right track at any time with one click. There is also the option of navigating from eg your accommodation up to the cycle route. Given interacts cycle route app with the Google Maps (C) Navigation module. 


The rangefinder

Distance measure: With a few finger clicks you measure on the digital map Bodensee any distance on the cycle track. The track, an approximate period and the total distance is displayed.


Lost and Found Again

Lost: The situation "BB cracks and all are gone": take the more participants on a bike ride, the more likely it is that someone goes missing. The "Lost" - feature therefore provides a solution to lead people back together and save the bike ride around the lake.

The most important function: the automatic sending (via email or SMS) of one's position on passengers to calculate the way to you automatically. 


Download the Lake Constance Cycle Path app from the Google Play Store

The app can be downloaded from the Google Play store (C) down and used. As noted above: who does not live on Lake Constance but still want to get to know the functions that can be simulated at its destination, for example, with the app "FakeGPS free".




The functions in detail


Bodensee Radtouren im Startbildschirm

The home screen of the app

If the cycle route app started, the startup screen appears. 

The most important functions (marked with the letter "F") of the app can be called up directly under the picture. What actions there will be described here and can be found in the online documentation under "Operation".

Additional features can be accessed via the menu bar (marked with the letter "M"). These include additional cycling in the region of the Lake Constance region, starting from the city of Konstanz.


Here we go: select a Lake Constance cycle tour

Navigation auf dem Bodensee-Radweg

The assistant for the Fernradweg

Engaging in the planning of its cycle around the Swabian Sea on their own, can "start tour" with the function driving one of the official or alternative cycle route stages. The routes are displayed in a selection menu.

The cycle track is mostly well marked and therefore the GPS navigation can temporarily take a break. However, there are regions on the cycle route, the less well marked and visible losing the orientation is possible. Here the app displays its strengths.

Pressing the button "Start Tour" automatically starts the distance measurement to the bike path.If one is more than 2 km straight line from Lake Constance Cycle Route, the app provides automatic navigation to the cycle path.


New: measure distances on the Lake Constance cycle path

Entfernungen am Bodensee

Measure distances with 2 clicks 

Distances between a selected start and end points can be determined with two finger clicks on the blue marked cycle route in the map. Given every 2 seconds long press on the screen and there where there is the desired start or end point. If both points determines the Part dyed red, and the calculation is done automatically.

It is given the currently selected track in kilometers, the average travel time, and the total distance of the selected bike. 


Holger is gone! The "Lost" - function

die Funktion zum Wiederfinden am Bodensee

Lost? So you find yourself.

losing rider out of sight, is annoying. Even more annoying, it is but if you can not find yourself by phone, because information such as "you, with me is a large meadow with cows" or "here are beautiful brambles" help not really for the recovery. 

The only language which further helps here is the exchange of geographic coordinates. Clicking on the "Lost" button and it is determined the current position. "Send GPS" With the application grabs the data and sends it via SMS or email to the waiting passengers. A prefabricated text design eliminates annoying typing.

The action "way to calculate" leads all riders together again: (copy and paste in the SMS or e-mail) to insert data received easily in the box and calculate the way. Now it is clear where Holger infected.


Save costs for digital maps

Karte vom Bodensee

download maps beforehand in the cache

The loading of digital maps from the Internet requires the transmission of data. This can be done in two ways: there are cards that are only available online and are always loaded down temporarily if you move the map or zoom into them.

Offline maps serve an advantage: once download and it is independent of the network. Since the cycle route leads through three countries, the issue of "roaming" is even more important because it can diminish your wallet when downloading data. 

The "download map data" (in the menu) provides a way for the temporary storage of cycle route maps areas. Over WLAN (eg in a hotel or guesthouse) can be limited placed in the device's memory so comfortable, the map data.

As long as the card is available in memory, depends on the device and other factors, therefore, no exact statement can be made about the storage time. "Download Card Data" can be called multiple times. If certain areas are not visible with a higher zoom, helps another charge. Try the function simple.(Technical note: The method is not a "real" Download and there is no so-called "prefetch", manually moving the map is replaced by an automated process.)


Information on the Lake Constance Cycle path

Die Bodensee Radtour im Webbrowser

the integrated web browser

The menu category "WANDERRAD.DE - site" provides information and travelogues for cycle route and other bike tours at Lake Constance. are displayed, the information in an integrated web browser that are presented in an Internet connection.

With a simple browser navigation pages visited can leave and recalled.


Any comments? Please use the contact form!


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