Lake Constance Cycle path elevation profile

ein besonderes Bodensee-Radweg Höhenprofil

so high it does not have to be - above Lake Constance


How much altitude, the cycle route?

When it comes to the topic Bodensee circumnavigation, the focus usually lies in the description of the distances between major start and end points on the daily stages that on the Lake Constance cycle to be completed. Kilometer data are a handy item information that can evaluate well every cyclist. The situation is different on the other hand made with indication of altitude. Here it is good to know where to find the hilly sections, because then scored kilometer data on a new dimension.

Who is at home in northern Germany and rarely goes into the mountains, where the assessment of height information is rather more difficult than someone who every day by bike through Toggenburg moves. Even if the assessment is not as good possible, it is nevertheless useful to know whether the course of the cycle route height profile is entirely provided flat or with gradients.


Cycle route height profile to the submarine

The cycle route of the Untersee extends to just over one third of Swiss territory from  Kreuzlingen to backStein am Rhein and the rest of Öhningen about Radolfzell , Markelfingen and Allensbach to Constance by Germany. There are some variations to make the cycle route height profile on this tour itself with.



Bodensee-Radweg am Untersee

Untersee round Schienerberg crossing (1) - (Ref. 1)


Bodensee-Radweg Höhenprofil am Untersee

Height profile with Schienerberg (1)


The most famous Lake Constance cycle route runs on in the graphic above line drawn with the involvement of the dashed line (2)  from about Öhningen cheeks and Gaienhofen , and Gundholzen and  Iznang to Radolfzell .This is the classic cycle path route around Lake Constance.


Cycle route elevation profile of the classic round

In the graphic above, a light brown line is drawn under the hilly section also. This line represents the height profile of the classic undersea circumnavigation directly along Lake Constance. As expected, the slope is approximately zero, which is because the path leads directly along the lake. But beware: this stretch is at times very bumpy and if then there's a headwind to it can be exhausting.


Round about the Schienerberg

Who trained well and feels like on an excursion into the air, may alternatively in two ways over the Schienerberg drive (in the number 1 is the site rails ). The easiest and fastest way (1) is drawn in the graph above and extends from Öhningen (Deflection district stairs and Endorf) almost straight up the mountain to rails on the provincial road 193. A beautiful and winding descent on the asphalt road leads from the highest point down through woodland to moss , where the connection is achieved at the cycle route towards Radolfzell again. 

Curvy and little traffic, the Schienerberg in choosing the second variant on cheeks  start. This way is to drive on a narrow road uphill, but scenic. The road is marked in the center of cheeks. 

Depending on which option you choose, from Radolfzell run at least every way back together and then there is no change for the longer cycle route elevation profile for the rest of the way up to Constance. The submarine circumnavigation with Schienerberg election is, as can be seen from the above sketch, approximately 66 kilometers long. Setting the classical Lake Constance cycle path about 5-10 kilometers happen.


The height profile of Überlinger sea circumnavigation

While the submarine circumnavigation not require crossing the Schienerberg mountain on the classic bike path and thus flat as a pancake can be designed, it looks at the Lake Überlingen different. This is the only track where the cycle route height profile has seen an increase: the Bodanrück must be crossed.


Überlinger See Runde mit dem Fahrrad

Lake Überlingen round by the Bodanrück (1) - (ref. 1)


Höhenprofil einer Bodensee-Radtour

Height profile with Bodanrück variant (1)


By Dettelbach

Whether the Lake Überlingen Round of Meersburg runs to Konstanz or vice versa, it is definitely to perform slope work. The easiest way is to choose the direction of Konstanz on  Dettingen , Langenrain and Liggeringenby Dettelbach to Bodman. If you choose this forward-clockwise direction, the climbing labor divided evenly on the route Konstanz to Liggeringen before the amount recovered energy is dissipated in the descent through the beautiful Dettelbach again.

The energy can not even be enjoyed outdoors noise of rolling, but it must be ensured that the many curves and the sometimes ordinary gradient of Dettelbachs are not addressed quickly. Otherwise, leave may be beeendet quickly at a carelessness. Accidents of cyclists, there has been in Dettelbach have often, roar therefore not briskly down and pay in advance on good functioning of the brakes. 

From Bodman further cycling in the course remains flat. Only in Sipplingen you can still decide whether driving on the main road 31 to the connection to the cycle route or the up and down slopes are preferred by the place before Sipplingen. But from Ueberlingen Uhldingen are no particular increases more to Meersburg found. 

Anyone traveling on a mountain bike or a gravel / forest-tauglichem wheel can skip parts of the Lake Constance cycle path (2) and for well-made paths through the Bodanrück (1) schedule. This is recommended in good condition and endurance because of Bodanrück offers many beautiful driving opportunities through the wooded area. A variant (1) is described in the example described here range and can be traced to the described Überlinger See circumnavigation.


Überlinger See counterclockwise

Continuing along the cycle route from Meersburg over Ueberlingen and Ludwigshafen the route towards Konstanz, the Dettelbach just described is to drive up rather than down. The Dettelbach is the gateway to Bodanrück and therefore requires the complete work at height (approximately 150 to 200 meters in altitude) on a train that has to be considered when choosing the direction of travel to the Lake Überlingen.


Cycle route height profile of the upper lake

Whom the hilly sections on the subsea round joyful variety prepares and drive through the Dettelbach is a welcome addition to the route profile, is on the upper lake-Bypass little find like, to say the least, nothing that has to do with altitude.


Bodensee-Radweg um den Obersee herum

Obersee-round on the cycle route (Ref. 1)


Um den Obersee herum

Höhenprofil Obersee Round 


Taking a look at the vertical profile of the Lake Constance cycle track running from the prominent places in Meersburg , Friedrichshafen , Lindau and then via Bregenz , Rorschach , Arbon , RomanshornMünsterlingenand Kreuzlingen composed, it is striking: there are almost as no climbs on the round. 

The reason is clear, you look at the history of the bike path around the lake at once: almost the entire route leads directly into a short distance along the lake. This is a planning feat that has been accomplished here, as there are around 130 kilometers of track to string together so that it becomes a possible car further and pleasant for all travelers advancement is possible.

Let's take a look at the Obersee Round: Who starts from Meersburg, moves within the immediate reach of the lake up to Hagnau, from there it crosses is Immenstaad , Fischbach and Seemoos to Friedrichshafen passed somewhat inland. This goes on over Gmünd to Langenargen, where the road repeatedly selectively daring to approach to Lake Constance, as in Kressbronn , Wasserburg , Bad Schachen up to Lindau. 

Again and again there are a few hundred meters to the lake, from Lindau to Bregenz then it is a completely continuous piece directly on Lake Constance with a wonderful view of the Swabian Sea. 

Subsequent Rheintal provides an exception and is a special travel section, because we drive over a dirt road through a green natural landscape, which is bounded by two Rhine ports geographically. But this distance inland is completely flat, meadows and tree lines define the landscape.

From Rorschach the bike path converted Arbon , Romanshorn , Münsterlingen and Bottighofen back to Constance. This is almost on the entire route only along the water, therefore, is to find no slope here. 

Check also the article about the lake constance cylce trip stages or Bodensee-Radweg Etappen



The entire cycle route for circumnavigation of Lake Constance does not require special climbing work except the Bodan Default reset. Rather, they are the lengths of the individual sections to be selected according to relaxed to circumnavigate Lake Constance, because the total length of 250 kilometers will want to drive a few cyclists in one or two days.

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