Lake Constance cycle path stages

How many stages you need on the cycle route?

This question is both simple and difficult to answer, because there are many dependencies that a cycle route or Bodensee-Radweg Etappe can make stages classification useful. Let's look at what factors affect the duration. 


Fundamentally, the question arises whether the Bodensee

  • should be driven from a central location
  • Every day at Lake Constance from place to place further travels by bike.


Further criteria:

  • Available to travel 
  • Stamina and endurance
  • own route request per day
  • Travelling alone
  • Travelling in an equally powerful group
  • traveling with small children
  • the cycle route as a training route
  • Pleasure cycling around Lake Constance
  • Avoiding stays at expensive locations
  • a different route choice than the classic cycle route


Divide the cycle route in sections

Lake Constance and the surrounding lakeside towns and cities are densely populated and are in short distances from each other. The good news: it needs, there are no concerns that it runs on a Bodensee-circumnavigation danger with hunger, thirst and last effort to reach his saving goal. But simply live too many people in this region who will help in distress already on.

In review of the vertical profile of the Lake Constance cycle path the possibilities of expansion and remodeling of the classic Bodensee cycle path mentioned. There are pointed out along forest trails through the Bodanrück including the installation of smart, mountainous sections as the Schienerberg or ride variation.

Ultimately, the individual cycle route stages as a kit and can be freely set together. In this paper only classical Lake Constance cycle stages are described and which slices and appetizers, these can be classified as possible. 


Bodensee circumnavigation centrally 

Let's start with the possibility of a central base from in daily stages to circumnavigate the Bodensee by bicycle or mountain bike, and in the evening to return back to the starting point. This aspect is in the post about the general subject matter of the  starting points  received.


in drei Abschnitten um den Bodensee

central starting point for the circumnavigation of Lake Constance (Ref. 1)


From a geographic perspective, distance, the city of Constance for a central base to ideal. But then if you like to meet the following requirements and can:


  • The  Lake Überlingen -Umrundung starts in Konstanz and passed over the Bodanrück, Ludwigshafen Ueberlingen to Meersburg. Back it goes back to the car ferry from Meersburg to Konstanz. The bike can of course be taken on the ferry. The reverse route variant with drive through the forest area of Bodan Default reset is in the Lake Überlingen Round described. There are to drive about 60 km distance.
  • The submarine  is started from Konstanz via Switzerland and are negotiated through Stein am Rhein and Radolfzell. For this are about 70 kilometers of track to drive. A variant with installation ofSchienerberg mountain can be found here .
  • The Obersee with good 120-130 kilometers in total distance starts with the ferry to Meersburg and can then for example be surrounded in two days, when a daily distance is desired of 60-70 kilometers. Who is trained well and the Obersee Round wants to drive in one day, should plan on driving time with breaks already 7-10 hours. This round is described in the  Lake Constance cycle Obersee Tour.


Advantages of central planning

One-day orbits have the advantage that one evening again can return to his beloved starting point (if the hotel or inn a good choice was made) and not evacuate every day like a nomad along its relaxed possessions and in your suitcase or travel bag must stow again.

Depending on the amount of luggage that can already be very disturbing and a permanent holiday stay, where you have to make only the morning ordered his toothbrush back into the cup back, has its advantages.

Of course, this the aforementioned list of criteria plays into it with. Anyone planning a Bodensee-bypass with small children, is perhaps not every day want to be at least 60-70 kilometers on the legs, but that depends on the individual situation. Furthermore, it should be noted that, for a 2-day Obersee Round the booked at the starting point room on one day can not be used or the matters to be until the return stowed somewhere or taken.

An accommodation must of course be concerned when splitting Obersee round in twin stages (eg in Lindau or Bregenz). Note prior to departure, the good utilization of the accommodation during the high season. 


Bodensee circumnavigation piece by piece

The other variant provides for a holiday in a way that skirts around bit by bit the Bodensee while daily goals drives with overnight. As tourism on Lake Constance is well developed, there should be no problems with lodging and food. However, note that in midsummer the Bodensee course very well attended and the Bodensee bicycle path has a corresponding traffic density of cyclists and pedestrians and accommodations are often booked.


mit fünf Bodensee-Radweg Etappen ans Ziel

Example of a circumnavigation Bodensee in 5 stages (Ref. 1)


  • Stage 1: from Constance to Ueberlingen - 40 km
  • Stage 2: from Ueberlingen to Lindau - 55 km
  • Stage 3: from Lindau to Romanshorn - 50 km
  • Stage 4: from Romanshorn to Stein am Rhein - 50 km
  • Stage 5: Stein am Rhein to Constance - 45 km


Ready travel tour package versus own planning

Who chooses a Bodensee circumnavigation with various accommodations stations, for example, can select a package tour from a variety of travel companies. However, it is to pay attention to whether the providers fulfill all the criteria that are required. Some questions you should ask yourself:


  • How many day trips offered by the travel service provider?
  • Are the stage lengths appropriate?
  • Are accommodation and meals included?
  • Are the sightseeing eingepant?
  • Is the trip suitable for children?
  • If a tour guide here?


If choosing a travel agent flat and you want the Bodensee tour itself take in hand and plan, then most attention to the two questions: a) where start the trip and b) to a place where the daily stages stop. A proposal can be found in the above diagram. 


Where to start with the tour?

In principle, there are no preferences where a Bodensee-bypass should begin. But there are a number of issues that can make the decision on the choice of the starting location with.


With friends and acquaintances

To start a site should be selected where you live, for example, friends or acquaintances, and can get a good and affordable accommodation for the launch. Or, if possible, stay with friends for the first night.


die größten Städte am Bodensee

larger town on Lake Constance (Ref. 1)


Larger towns and cities on the Lake Constance cycle stages

Of course, larger cities or towns are a welcome change. So you can in the evening to visit the city center and the range of restaurants also leaves little to be desired. But who is looking more peace and tranquility, but is also a corresponding number of options on Lake Constance. As with all research, the Internet is the best search variant here. 

Another aspect of choosing the starting location is, of course, from where takes place the arrival to Lake Constance. Anyone traveling from Stuttgart to Lake Constance, has to be little reason to begin the start of the bypass in Bregenz, the other way around this is for someone who comes from Feldkirch and would start in Ueberlingen.


Stay before or after the tour

Anyone planning to stay a few days in his favorite place before or after the Bodensee circumnavigation, for a longer trip to the requierements of course makes sense, even if this is not right at the gateway to Lake Constance. 


Stay in Switzerland

It's no news: Switzerland is not the cheapest holiday destination for Europeans. So if at Rorschach exceeds border to Switzerland from Konstanz or Öhningen or behind the Rhine, at its should be aware of and consider whether a stage residence in Switzerland is eligible or not. Get information in advance, can find cheap accommodation in Switzerland.

That will then not be directly on Lake Constance the case, but rather something in the hinterland. helps Again: diligently search the Internet for the villages on the Swiss shores of Lake Constance and compare accommodations, which are suitable for the stretch.

However, anyone who is not planning to stay in Switzerland, which are the following mileage to reach the next EU country may be helpful:


Stage Start in Konstanz:

  • Next German city Öhningen 31 kilometers away.
  • nearest major Austrian city Bregenz is 65 kilometers away.


Start stage in Bregenz:

  • Next German city of Constance: 65 kilometers away.
  • Next German city Öhningen: 90km away.


Stage Start in Öhningen:

  • Next German city of Konstanz 31 kilometers away.
  • nearest major Austrian city Bregenz is 90 kilometers away.


Arriving by train

Those arriving by train, is probably in Konstanz , Überlingen , Friedrichshafen , Lindau or Bregenz  arrive.Within Switzerland, these are mainly Rorschach , Romanshorn or Kreuzlingen . The SBB  but also drives the entire route along Lake Constance, just as the ÖBB and the German Railways , or other service the routes operated by the lake. 

It may therefore be advantageous to look at a destination of the train within range of the station for a hotel, and then relaxed to start the Bodensee circumnavigation next day. Have fun at all Lake Constance cycle stages.

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