The Lake Constance Cycle Path

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Lake Constance cycle path plate at Insel Mainau


Lake Constance Cycle Path - the "Bodensee-Radweg" 

Take a trip on the Lake Constance is a real event you will not forget: if you like to travel by bycicle you might have thought about a round trip to Lake Constance. Take a circle around the whole lake will bring you on a journey passing the three countries Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The excursion is full of varied adventures on approximately 260 Kilometers ( > 160 miles). Things to keep in mind for preparing such a trip is listed here below:



Overview Lake Constance Cycle Path (Bodensee-Radweg)

die Umrundung des Bodensees auf dem Bodensee-Radweg

Cycle Trip around the Lake Constance (Bodensee)


The complete Lake Constance Cycle Path has a distance of around 260 kilometers or 160 miles, dependend which routes you are taking with your bike. Driving around the lake sounds natural, but there are several possibilities to "shorten" the trip by taking a ferry boat on the lake. Who likes to "cheat" the complete excursion may take the ferry boat at Konstanz to Meersburg an can avoid riding more than 60 kilometers (37 miles) around the "Überlinger See" by taking the boat which requires only 15 minutes to pass the distance. A ferry boat schedule you will find here (unfortunately in german language). Prices for the ferry boat is here


Riding the Lake Constance Cycle Path (Bodensee-Radweg)

In the last years the Lake Constance Cycle Path has been improved stepwise. From the quality aspect of cycling ground and signage to find the right way there were lots of activities and investments done. So don't be afraid to lose orientation! Of course, in summer time Lake Constance is frequented by many visitors and there might come some bottleneck situations on the tour, caused by people waiting on the cycle way or pedestrian, who did lose their way they have to use. But don't be afraid, you are not in a metropolitan area!

Quite most parts of the Lake Constance Cycle Path is asphaltic and close to the Bodensee. Close to the Bodensee means, that sometimes you might see people taking a bath in the clear water of the Bodensee and making a break of their cycle trip. Enjoy especially the area around Meersburg and Bregenz, but there are many other places too for enjoying the lake.

Some segments of the Lake Constance Cycle Path consist of gravel roads and therefore they might be applicable less for racing bycicles. Especially the nature protection area close to the "Rheindelta" near Rohrschach (CH) is such an area. In the Rheindelta you may enjoy the territory around "Rohrspitz", it is a paradise for people who likes to stay and observe a bird sanctuary. 

Expecting the Lake Constance Cycle Path is a plane cycle way located at a lake may learn the hilly sections especially in Switzerland. There are some parts on the Lake Constance Cycle Path which require a little bit training - or more time to go ahead. Especially here it becomes hilly (where hilly does not mean hundreds of difference in altitudes, hilly is understood as a wavelike route section with some meters up and down).



Places of interest at Lake Constance Cycle Path (Bodensee-Radweg)

You will ride on the Lake Constance Cycle Path a distance around 260 Kilometers ( > 160 miles). Of course, you may ask yourself, what you might expect to see there on this trip and what you might experience there. The answer does not fit into a single sentence, alone the large amount of historical buildings fills many books to read. E.g. you might visit the Pfahlbautenmuseum in Unteruhldungen, which gives you an interesting insight of how people lived at the Bodensee many years ago. Depending on your interests of historical, cultural or of course touristic attractions, the Internet is full of tips and advises, what is worse to visit. At WANDERRAD.DE you will find some of these attractions described in the cycle trip descriptions. 

 die größten Städte am Bodensee

Lake Constance (Bodensee) with its larger locations (Ref. 1)


Signposting Lake Constance Cycle Path (Bodensee-Radweg) in Germany, Austria and Switzerland

The Lake Constance Cycle Path is lead through three countries and the signposting of its route can not be titled as perfectly. This does not mean, that the signposting is bad or missing, but it appears in different way according to the "liking design" of the corresponding plate designer. In Germany e.g. the signposting has predominantly a white background with a black ot sometimes green byciycle in the foreground. In Autria and Switzerland the signpostings are often having a red background color with a white bycicle in the foreground. Of course, each of these designs have a different format! Nevertheless, the positive aspect is of course the existence of a signposting for the Lake Constance Cycle Path! And this is realized well done. 

In my tour descriptions for the trips around the "Überlinger See", "Untersee" and "Obersee" you may find annotations on the route. Unfortunately all routes are described in german language, but perhaps you might use a translation program, which provides you understandable information.

Nice to see, what creativity exists on german roads regarding signposting, you may find here some examples. Don't take it too serious! Look here: Ausschilderungen am Bodensee - Webseite des ADFC.



Riding the Lake Constance Cycle Path (Bodensee-Radweg) in stages

There are some different ways to ride the Lake Constance Cycle Path, but the main question is, how to ride the tour: in slices? as a big roundtrip? In the following you will get some ideas about it.


Starting daily from the same central point

One possibility is to split the complete round trip around the Bodensee in three slices and starting every day from the same starting point. Looking at the map of the Lake Constance, you will see the city Konstanz as the optimal starting point:


  • The "Überlinger See"-day trip can be started with the transfer by ferry boat from Konstanz to Meersburg. Cycling from Meersburg around the Überlinger See back to Konstanz acn be done within a day trip. It is around 60 kilometer (37 miles) distance to ride the whole part.
  • The "Untersee"- day trip can be started at Konstanz via Switzerland and back to Germany by "Stein am Rhein"and "Radolfzell". The trip is around 70 kilometer (43 miles) distance to cycle. 
  • The "Obersee"-day trip having 120-130 kilometer (74-80 miles) as the total distance to ride, can be started too with the ferry boat at Konstanz to Meersburg and then be performed on 2 days. Being trained well on the bycicle, of course the round trip of the Obersee can be completed within a day, expect around 7-10 hours to cycle, depending on your physical training condition.


Starting daily from a new place on the round trip

The other option to perform the Lake Constance Cycle Path looks this way: starting at a certain base point you travel day by day to a new destination located on the Lake Constance Cycle Path.  From the touristic point of view there are no problems to find a suitable place where to stay over night or where to eat and drink. All the Lake Constance area is best prepared for visitors.

But - and this is important to keep in mind - in summer time the number of visitors might become very large and if you not have made a reservation of a hotel or other type of accommodation, it can be difficult to find easily a place to stay. There are many travel agencies organizing every year round trips around the Bodensee and many visitors are coming especially over the weekend from everywhere to enjoy nice days at the lake. So keep in mind to organize in time your accommodation!

Check the Internet for travel agencies specialized to the Lake Constance area. Of course, WANDERRAD.DE continues writing about Lake Constance Cycle Path in the future and you may find helpful information here. Or ask me via the Feedback-menue as you like.



Do I need to be prepared for the Lake Constance Cycle Path?


ein Mountainbiker macht Pause am Bodensee

take a rest!


to be continued soon.






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