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And who takes us on tour?


It must not always the same cycle route be with its approximately 260 kilometers driven when a bike ride on Lake Constance is pending! In the unlimited number of ways it can also be a single  cycle route stage be or a bite of it, or a completely different bike to be an exciting day out.

Many destinations in the Lake Constance region can easily be reached by bicycle. But first, the beautiful destinations to track down and one has it as far in mind, there is sometimes a problem: the way there just does not seem to exist or there is a maze of winding paths and branches, which are only possible with perseverance.

This facilitates the cycle route app with its easy to use "assistance function", the GPS-supported companionship. But not only that: there are already some cycling in the app, which can be run easily and performed by.


Exciting cycling tours, check out Lake Constance Cycle Path app!



Bicycle tours and excursions to the Lake Constance Cycle Path App

In the app , there are currently about twenty biking in the Lake Constance region. Most of them have their origin in the vicinity of the city of Constance, but can be run from any location, because the app supports the approach to the itinerary with the combined GPS support.


This passes the cyclist from any starting point (eg Accommodation) to the nearest point of the selected cycling route. So you can even leave from further afield guided to Lake Constance or the route, and then start the actual tour.


das Radtourenmenü der Bodensee-Radweg App

Click and go: biking in the Lake Constance Cycle Path App


Longer journeys for bike ride

but it is also clear, the Driving Driving a greater distance on, it should be considered whether the selected bike tour because of the question.

Or the handle is identical to how else to make it at a further distance, inside destination: the bike is strapped just in the train or on car's roof and one drives a piece to the finish line. Finally, one would like to also learn something new and that is not always right outside the front door.


Popular excursions on Lake Constance

There are the usual suspects on Lake Constance: A bike ride to the island of Mainau  or to the mystical Kalksandsteinfelsen in the forest near Sipplingen or a bicycle tour around the island of Reichenau  is the most known and these "classics" are included in the Lake Constance Cycle Path App.


die Insel Mainau

The cycle route app shows you the way: the island of Mainau


Of course there are a number of other known targets and these will fill gradually the app with life. Popular cycling trips on Lake Constance, many more unknowns joined to so there's also for the connoisseur of Lake Constance maybe something new here.



Worth reading - the "Infothek" about Biking

The cycle route app includes an integrated web browser of a variety of tour reports (cycle route, but also cycling tours on Lake Constance) from the site WANDERRAD.DE online provides. This is handy if you are traveling and in the evening at the property still like to read a couple of hotels.

The site meets the needs of the modern "responsive web design" (in the long form as: "the Website of each device adapts to the visual representation of"). This means that images and font size can be adjusted according to the device display and there is no "Mäusekino effect", as in especially older sites that are as shriveled site readable only with a magnifying glass on a smartphone.

You can personalize the WANDERRAD.DE site from any other browser to call directly, but who does not know the site or do not want to scroll through the menu site, is passed into the cycle route a tap directly to the bike rides reports.


Informationen über den Bodensee-Radweg


Reports for cycle route and local cycling in the main menu of the app


What is there to report?

The individual Biking reports contain primarily a roadmap that can be useful for orienting, if you are not familiar with the area. will be accompanied the reports especially with photos and illustrations, as we get a better picture of what is to be expected on the bike ride of impressions and sights.


Auswahlmenü der Bodensee-Radweg App

The web browser with tour descriptions


Some travel reports, in particular the information on the Lake Constance cycle stages , indicate dangerous wheel sections or places where you can proceed easily. 

Insel Reichenau Doku

Tour descriptions in "responsive web design"


The layout and design of reports is inferior to a process of change and is still up in the older bike tour descriptions in a two-column layout. The new report form is one column and includes larger photo cutouts (only on a PC or tablet through the adaptation medium size), but the information content is not thereby become different. 



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